Moke body shell back in the garage

Now to add parts and build it up.001 004 005 006 007 008 009 011 012 013 015 016


Hrach Chekijian – Rest in Peace

Hrach and Peter

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The world is saddened to hear of the loss of Hrach Chekijian recently.
So many memories and stories, it’s too soon now.
Love you always, Hrach!

Finally done!

Getting ready

MTTS this week – trying to get the garage and house in better shape before leaving. Detailed all cars this week, just got 2 more shelves, won’t have time to get the workbenches set up by the end of the week, nor the garage artwork, but all good things take some time.

Today, more organizing………boot box cleaned up, atlas in car, bungees, IDs, small stuff, MTTS rally sign on side window……….

Lift going in somewhere, too.

MTTS – Boston: Pier 4, Boston Harbor

Pier 4

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It’s nice how plans change, sometimes! I managed to get off from work tomorrow, a Saturday, and so my wife Merry, and I can motor up to Boston in GP 1636 this evening and enjoy the entire day tomorrow and Sunday, with the MTTS group in Boston! I’m a very happy camper now, as I thought I was not going to be able to go until Saturday night. Thank you Mike! Sorry Mark, but thank you also!

Have to get packed, recharge all batteries, then motor!
Must make some time to prepare for some Summer Splash 08 promotion! Get all the information, the complete schedule and registration form right here:

Yellow and White Mini

My friend Chris Kopley rebuilt this car, and just sold it to another friend of mine, Paul Blandori. Paul was driving over to show me, just today! while I was out driving to lunch. We met each other, as I saw the car and waved him down, thinking it was Chris!

It’s a great Mini, with one of Chris’ first motors from his race car, and has been totally de-rusted and sound insulated, with nice seats, roll-up windows and Minilite looking wheels.

Let’s get going!

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This is my first post on this blog. Why I haven’t continued a blog I set up earlier is a mystery, so I am aiming to keep this one current, and hope friends and family check in here often to see what’s going on with me.

I will be writing about my life and times, but mostly about MINI Coopers and the experiences I have with them. I am a retired school teacher, having taught 35 years, most of them at Saxe Middle School in New Canaan, CT. I taught French and Spanish there for 33 years, one year in New Jersey and one year in Maryland. I have many interests, from teaching, Ham Radio, classic cars, Maine Coon cats, British cars, listening to and playing the blues and the 5 string banjo, and the new MINI Coopers in particular. I have been working at MINI of Fairfield County, in Stamford, CT for 6 years now, being the first employee. At the present time, I am the Internet Manager for that store, and handle the car leads from various Internet sources and manage the MINI of Fairfield County website,