Moke body shell back in the garage

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Moke taking shape

Covers, etcWell, it has been quite a while since I posted anything here. Lots of progress has been made. Many pictures available on my flickr account:

Now March 18, 2014 and the top (hood for you Brits) hoops are painted in Old English White, as well as the pannier covers and some other bits.


It gets going

022Some sandblasting was done on the Moke shell, body repair panels ordered and in house. Now the repairs will start at Ray’s and Jay’s in Wilmington, NC.

Always worse than it looks. Somehow most of my pictures are not available right now. This one is before sandblasting.

Some old Moke pictures

Just scanned in a bunch, here ya go – just for the fun of it!

Yes, I know there are some duplicates – enjoy!

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And so, the restoration begins

The first step is laying out everything, checking if there is in fact everything, cleaning, then rebuilding as needed and finally reassembly. Easy, right. Be done in a week. Sure.

So, I did find the head, which was thought to be missing, and the speedometer with wiring harness and body shell ID plates. No key. Oh, well. On to other things.

In the garage, unloaded

Only took a half hour, with 3 other friends of mine, and we had everything in the garage, with the bodyshell on a heavy rolling cart, and the front subframe with engine and suspension on the floor. Now to unbox all the small stuff, sort through it, and see what is useable, in need of rebuilding or in need of replacement. Now the real fun begins!

The Moke is a 1966 English built by Austin

Here are some cell phone pictures……….unloading from the moving van tomorrow.