I was born in Cambridge, Mass, at a young age. Growing up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, I attended Franklin & Marshall College, Middlebury College School in France, and began teaching French and Spanish in Maryland, followed by a year in New Jersey and 33 years at Saxe Middle School in New Canaan, CT. Retirement called in June of 2006, after which I became full time Motoring Advisor at MINI of Fairfield County, Stamford, CT and quickly was appointed the Internet Manager and head of the entire department.

Most of this blog, I suspect, will be about my current adventures with MINIs.

One from the past:

Pick Up


3 Responses

  1. so wait – you were born at a young age? That’s odd, because most people are born at an old age…

    Sorry – couldn’t resist…

    Great job Peter! I couldn’t even pull this off!


  2. It should also be noted by all that Peter is an all around swell guy and a walking encyclopedia of all things MINI.

    I consider myself fortunate to call him my friend.



  3. If you are a Mini encyclopedia, perhaps you can enlighten me. Why is the new Mini “Clubman” not called the “Traveller”? From my knowledge, the classic “Clubman” is just a front end variation. People don’t know they’re getting the names wrong between the two. Maybe you can talk to Mini HQ and make a correction starting ’09!
    PS thanks for the wheel!

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