Chilling out in Mooresville

Sorry about not continuing posts each day during our MTTS trip, but things just started to happen – like lots of driving cool roads followed by fun evening activities. Then, pay-for Internet access I did not buy, and so on……….Anyway, as in the previous entry, most of my pictures are on flickr now, but not all, so keep watching.

GP 1636 developed a crack in the right rear wheel. How, I’ll never know. It was loosing air from the tire at the rate of about 5 pounds an hour, at the greatest. The first attempt to solve the problem was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when we found a Goodyear service center. There, they removed the tire, carefully, and pulled out a big staple and patched the inside of the tire, remounted, and we were off within an hour. Thought it was repaired. Wasn’t. The air pressure monitor light came on again in about 2.25 hours this time. We filled up with air, and continued to Little Rock, Arkansas. 7:30 the next morning I was at the LR Goodyear dealer for another repair attempt. This inspection was more complete, as the technician sprayed down the entire tire surface, stem, etc…..with soapy water, discovered something, then dunked the whole wheel and tire in a big bin of water. This has been the traditional method of finding a leak location, and sure enough, it worked. There became evident a clear crack in the wheel. It was located on the inside of the wheel, on the surface where the bead of the tire mounts, going at a 90 degree angle from the edge, straight towards the center of the wheel.

Wasn’t getting repaired. But, still holding air…….needed refilling about every hour…….as we headed off towards the east, and Nashville, TN.  Talked with Tire Rack and new tire (had a bubble) not a problem. Talked with several MINI dealers and found out the rims were available in the US, and we could get them to a dealer in a day or two. Because Amber a nameless MINI dealer didn’t even know what a GP wheel looked like and no one in her dealership could find a part number (I actually had to give it to her) we decided to get the replacements installed at Hendrick MINI in Charlotte, NC, near home. Stephen Lane was a great help.

Now, chilling out at sister’s in Mooresville before heading home to Southport!


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