MTTS coming soon

MINI Takes The States – a gigantic MINI rally starting from many points around the USA, from New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, all ending up in Denver, CO on the weekend of August 13 is less than a month away. We’re planning to leave Southport and head to Atlanta for the official departure and go all the way to Denver, passing through Knoxville, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Dodge City.  Then, head back through Chattanooga, Memphis, and Mooresville. WIll be a blast to travel all that way with so many other MINIs!  Details:

Yesterday, I assembled three large, heavy duty shelves for the garage area, and began organizing and unpacking. Here is GP 1636 in the new garage, with a view of the shelves in the background. Now, washing and detailing will be much easier. Some new items already procured for that purpose.

Maybe not the new parking space


2 Responses

  1. Hope to meet you there. Robert

  2. Great news Peter! With luck you, I, George and maybe some other GPs will be able to get together 🙂

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