New House Showing Progress

We just got back from a trip to Southport, NC, to inspect the work on our new house. Things are moving right along, with the drywall installed, it’s feeling nice. Now really big changes are happening, as the hardwood floors and carpeting get installed, bathroom tile laid – all the floor areas will be done, inside. Also, the window trim, ceiling and floor moldings are in the process of being done, and interior doors hung. In a couple of weeks, along will come the painter to put primer and color on the walls. All that will be a huge difference. The kitchen and other cabinets will then be installed, as well as assorted ancillaries items.

Our last day we saw about 5″ of snow! This happens only about every ten years, and it was gone the next day, so no worries here! In another 10 years we may be ready for a bit more. Of course, back in CT winter continues.

Peter - Feb 2010

Peter, just before the snow

For 195 more pictures, see my flickr account, here:


2 Responses

  1. Hi Peter, I just came across your blog and I’m sure you’re excited….the house looks beautiful and we can only appreciate the work so far to get to this point. We’re in the same boat, about 1 yr behind you. We are meeting with builders and working on a design right now, with the hope to start building later this summer. we’re building on Worthington Place (SJP) and we were wondering if you’d want to mention who the builder is that you went with and were there any close “seconds” that you almost went with? Thanks, Dennis

  2. Hi, Dennis,
    The builder we decided on is CL Smith Construction – Cameron Smith, who has an office on 211, near the new bridge access road and Midway Road. He is very into green construction and is a certified “green” builder, having built at least 10 “Energy Star” certified houses. We felt he was the most knowledgeable of all the builders we interviewed as far as that is concerned, and using closed cell foam insulation and solar systems. He is also building another house now on St James Drive, towards the marina, after the cirlcle on the left.
    For us, a close second was Jeff Bartholomew of JCW Inc,, and Will Thornton, who was with English & Thornton before starting off independently, as well.
    All offered quality, good value for the money, and outstanding references.
    Peter (n1rra at = my direct email)

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