Most windows in!

Front windows and wrap

windows and wrap

And now, the trades can work better! Electricians, plumbers, data, sound and security, solar, then the super insulation! Soon, the black roof shingles will go on. Shortly followed by the solar panels.


3 Responses

  1. No pics of the garage? It’s quite the palace. I forget, where do you live? Interesting that you have saved that one “Charley Brown” tree? Is there any hope for the poor thing?

    BTW… GP shirts aren’t looking like they are going to happen… only 1/3rd have responded, so far, but I will let it run the month.

  2. RB – See my flickr account: “My flickr photos” on side bar navigation for further pics.
    The garage slab is not poured as yet. This house is in St James plantation, North Carolina, on the coast, about 45 minutes south of WIlmington, near Southport.

    That one tree was left by mistake – it’s tilted, only has branches at the top, and will be taken out and replaced with something much nicer and easier to look at.

    That’s a shame about the GP shirts – hope it does come to be! What about a short run?

  3. Looking good.

    Got all the zoning issues resolved, I assume?

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