New Jersey Motorsports Park

I went last weekend to help out a friend, Sherman Chao, and his wife Vivian, with their Stohr DSR, for a practice day Friday, SCCA regional race on Saturday and Sunday. It was a rainy/sunny day of Fri and Sat., but Sunday was a nice, clear day. Helped Sherman overcome some electrical problems in his car, and all went well in the race – he got a great start from P2, and lead DSR the entire race, ending with a handy margin of victory.

Taking the checker

It was also fun to see some friends from my many years of racing a Mini Cooper in GT5, SCCA. Bob Spreen was there with his FP MG Midget that he raced with me, and Dave Dartt with his basically vintage Mini Cooper on 10″ wheels, running for fun in GTL.

Bob Spreen

Dave Dartt

Dave will be running next at Watkins Glen, for the historical re-enactment of the original race, Sept 12-13th.


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