Looking around now……..

Well, I guess I’ll post it here: I am no longer working at MINI of Fairfield County. Hopefully when the car sales business gets better, they’ll call me back. Now, I’m looking for something else to do, and substitute teaching looks like a good alternative right now. Just got 3 hot leads on long-term positions, so checking out all those possibilities.

Recession hits home, part 1.


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  1. Sorry to hear but good luck. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, as Bette Davis once said, for a while. My wife and I have lost a lot of our retirement but feel luckier than most as we still are able to continue our lifestyle, albeit less grand.

  2. Do you realize that you have repeated blog names on your left and right “Blog Roll?” No Twisty?

    So what do you think of the possibility of a USA F1 team?

    I noticed, also, that you have the 24 Hour of Lemons listed. A neighbor and I went to check it out a few years ago. He was going to retire his original Saturn there. Some tragedy hit his family so we never did it. Looked insane though. He had no racing experience and I do but in off road only, which the 24 looked more like, and was a bit taken back by the whole thing. He has 200,000 on that Saturn and it’s still chugging along.

  3. Thanks, Rob, it will be a bit bumpy until things straighten out. Will have to any twistybitz. I have no idea why there are 2 blogrolls –
    as for the 24 hrs – up here there is one in June, I think, at Stafford Motor Speedway, paved, and it is a lot of fun – I didn’t do it, but a few friends have, and have enjoyed the whole weekend immensly. Wanted to do it a bit ago, but now, it’s on hold as many things are.

  4. The one in California is in a town called Tracy which is near Altamont where the Rolling Stones had a concert way back in the 1970’s.

  5. Oh, yeah………I do remember that Altamont place.

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