Our empty wine cellar

Our empty wine cellar

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All of our wine has now been moved to my sister – in – law’s home in North Carolina. It was a big job, moving 165 cases of wine, but it’s almost all done. Some just has to be unpacked and racked in her wine cellar.
This one we built ourselves, in an old well room in our current house, out of mahogany, which stood up very well.

Temporary housing at Marta & Keith’s:

New destination cellar


6 Responses

  1. We are moving roots, by next June, to St. James Plantation, near Southport, North Carolina.

  2. looks like your wine cellar needs some art. have a look at our wine art paintings, canvas prints and tile murals for wine cellars

  3. Linda – Look more carefully, and you will see one piece of art on the wall. There is no other space available for anything other than wine, but thanks for some ideas!

  4. Minis are still your favorites! Do you still race them, too?

    Your wine racks are lovely. Do you plan to move to NC to follow the wine? (I would.)

    Your cats are also beauties!

  5. Marion, about once a year, I’ll take a MINI on a race track for a day or two, or three, but no more serious racing, although Merry and I are considering an entry in the “24 Hours of Lemons” in July.
    Our plans do call for us to move to NC sometime in 2010, but of course, that remains to be seen.
    Thanks from the cats!

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