Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico

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Thanks to Ignacio of Meigas restaurant, Norwalk, the best Spanish restaurant in the USA, on the cover of Wine Spectator, I was able to bring this fantastic Pata Negra Jamon Iberico to our gathering.
Here, my brother in law Cliff does the honors, with great pleasure, as you can see!


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  1. Man, I remember the wonderful Jamon tapas bars in Madrid. Couldn’t partake as the smell and hanging haunches made my wife sick, she’s a vegetarian. I did get to have a baby pig leg for dinner one night though. But found it a tad too animally for my tastes. Plus, they only served me the leg on a plate with no potatoes, sauce or anything? I love Jamon when done like tapas but chewing on a whole leg, not.

    But the wine was flowing and tasted wonderful and the server was very helpful with his limited english and out non existent spanish. We found that our high school mexican just didn’t work. We found little sympathy for our lack of spanish, there.

    There was one tapas bar in Madrid that had, according to them, the largest collection of Jamon in the world. It was amazing, I go a pic.

  2. http://jamondepatanegra.com/tienda/index.php?language=en
    This is amazing food. I was lucky to get the restaurant grade jamon. He actually didn’t want to let me have it, but another one came in for his restaurant , Meigas, http://www.meigasrestaurant.com/ so he let me take it away!!!! We’ve been going there since they opened, about 25 years ago, with my Spanish family once. My father married a lady from Spain – I have two wonderful Spanish sisters. Too bad they sold the Las Marias hacienda in Son Vida, outside Palma de Mallorca.

  3. YUp too bad they sold the place. ‘-(

  4. Sin duda el mejor jamon calidad precio…alta calidad al mejor precio…venta directa online..envio rapido por Seur 24h..
    vale la pena

  5. El jamón de Jabugo es el mejor jamón del mundo. Por varias razones.
    1 La raza del cerdo iberico
    2 La alimentación
    3 El ejercicio que hace el cerdo en campo abierto
    4 Los secaderos y profesionalidad de los artesanos jamoneros


    Espero que en un futuro podamos exportar jamón a Estados Unidos.

    D.O Jabugo

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