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This is one of the oldest MINI groups in the US. It started back in 2002 as a yahoo groups club, but evolved a bit later into the current forum website based group of MINI owners. It’s a rather large group – over 1644 members as of today, and growing.   

No membership fee – no dues.  No officers, no official “meetings”, minutes or any of that traditional cluby stuff. Members organize meetings and runs and other events, like the Summer Splash, and have local get togethers on a regular basis. Active members from Delaware to Maine, nemini branded swag available at a “store”, some other goods for sale, organized “Group Buys” and discounts for and by the members, the largest MINI club in the USA, and all supported solely by member donations.

Check it out – it’s also one of the best groups of diverse people you will ever encounter, and one of the friendliest groups of MINI owners anywhere. Members such as myself organize a wide variety of events, from detailing clinics to MINI get-togethers, to MINI runs and even MINI MEETS, like the “Summer Splash”, which is my personal contribution to the MINI community.


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  1. Great Job – we love our group!!!

  2. I presume it means North East MINI? I wonder if I could advertise there.

  3. I’m not sure – I will ask an admin – maybe Heather knows, if she looks back here.

  4. Yes, NE is for North East.

    But it’s also a play on words, meaning that “any mini” is welcome!

    And let’s not forget the club motto:

    “It’s all about the food!”


  5. BTW RB – NEMINI does not accept paid advertisments. It’s member supported thru donations…

  6. My goodness, I didn’t know that NEMINI was one of the oldest – what I did know was how it sprang forth, at least in part due to the hard work of some wonderful folks I first met via MINI2…and the rest is history. 😉

    Nice place you’ve got here, Peter Braun – I can see I’ve only just reached the tip of the iceberg and will have plenty of reading to do.

    See you at Summer Splash!

  7. Thanks, Otra, welcome to the beginnings of my blog! 🙂

    Definitely see you at Summer Splash!

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