Cars of Chekijian

Cars of Chekijian

Originally uploaded by pbraun

Hrach has his red traveler all ready for MME in a few weeks time. Some road testing before hand, but if anything goes wrong, there are always the S, the panel van, the moke or the cabrio standing by.

Yellow and red, red and yellow. I’d rather be driving my Mini Cooper.


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  1. Hrach Chekijian could be at risk of winning the top prize for being a Mini collector, aficionado and connoisseur for far longer and on an uninterrupted basis than anyone else perhaps on the left side of the Pond. March 1971 is when his first Mini was shipped to him to Boston, MA from London, England and he has been Miniless-MiniManiac since!!

  2. I did get my first Mini around 1965, and have some scars to prove it! 😉

  3. Well, Hrach did not hold the prize for too long, for owning minis for the longest in USA (37.5 years so far) with you leading with 43+ years. I wonder if anyone else has owned a Mini from the outset of Minis. May be a Record could be set soon and published in Guinness World Records of a person owning Minis in USA for 50 years, assuming that it can be verified. Or owning the same Mini for the longest period. I believe Volvo has such record, with a Volvo owned by one person for 50 years who drove it for 1.5 Million miles!

  4. Interesting. I wonder………..

  5. I have started a search in the USA to try and find who actually has owned a Mini, and/or MINI, on an uninterrupted basis, continually, for the longest amount of time. If I find anything out, I will post the results here.

  6. Hei Hrach, Greetings from Helsinki! I see that the mini fever is still going strong. 🙂 Lily

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