Watkins Glen International Race Track

GLEN DAY1.3 1759

Originally uploaded by uptick

Here I am with GP 1636, at Watkins Glen, http://www.theglen.com/forum/index.cfm, earlier this year for a three day on-track event with Trackmasters.  There were quite a few – around 12 – MINI Coopers attending the event on Saturday and Sunday, due to the efforts of “Shoe”, aka “Lord of the Flies” on nemini.org. This is in the inner loop, or the Bus Stop area on the track, a high speed chicane following a very long straight away, and just before a long, sweeping, off-camber and falling elevation right hand turn going into the “boot” part of the track.

This was a great weekend with very good instruction, and a trill to get back on a track that was always one of my favorites! Thank you, uptick, for the fine photo!

For more information about Trackmasters, see: https://www.trackmasters.com/Page.asp?Script=1


4 Responses

  1. That sure was a fun weekend! I can’t believe NASCAR doesn’t use the boot since it’s the best part of the track.

  2. Wish I could have been out there with you guys. Too risky to use my daily driver on the track. Maybe next year when I get a new Mini….possibly a GP…I’ll go to the track. Motor On…

  3. You guys looked great at the Glen. It was a pleasure photographing the MINIs. Hopefully I’ll be on the track next time.

    …and Rob – go for it!

  4. Motoring out to The Glen in the rain was an ominous beginning to the weekend. Ultimately we had a dry track for Saturday and Sunday.

    I could not have asked for a better time for my first every track event. Warm enough so that the tires had grip, cool enough so that we weren’t hot waiting for our turn on the track. I agree with the others, the Trackmaster instructors were fantastic. It was exciting to be part of a High Performance Driver Education day. Unfortunately, now I can not wait for my next event. Oh well.

    Seeing all of the MINIs chasing other cars thru the Esses, down into the Boot, and thru the Off Camber Left was great entertainment. Watching your skills improved lap after lap. Feeling you confidence build. Just a fantastic weekend!

    Many thanks to uptick for the great photos.

    Rob, don’t worry about it. Mine is my, box stock, daily driver. Just go for it.

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