1963 Austin-Healey Mk II 3000 BJ7


Originally uploaded by pbraun

Our 63 Healey made an appearance at the famous Greenwich Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, June 8th. We had a fabulous time, I did the concours Tour on Friday with my GP, as a group of vintage and other fine cars toured around Greenwich, CT, stopped at the NetJet hanger at Westchester airport to see 2 vintage twin winged planes do a fly over, land and join us. Then, back to the concours grounds at the Bruce Park in Greenwich, to view the Bonhams auction collection.

Saturday night was a fine Dinner Dance at Greenwich Country Club, featuring Brian Redman (most famous Porsche 917 driver), past President of the Road Racing Drivers Club, who started racing in a Morris 1000 Traveler, and new Track Pro at the Monticello Motor Club. We had a special Virtual GT Personal Racing Simulator of the MMC track, with a Formula One car and paddle shifters to play with.

When we were stuffed with fine food, out marches Alex Roy, in his German Police disguise, and proceeds to astonish the crowd by insulting many auto manufacturers, both their cars and owners, from Mercedes-Benz to Ferraro, and all whilst telling the story of his record breaking outlaw car drive from New York to Los Angeles in 31 hours and 4 minutes. As he admits, his act is not likely to win him an invitation to join the prestigeous Greenwich Country Club. I thought it was hilarious! After watching the video of one of his runs at about 150 mph, as seen from an aircraft, he was graciously cut off by our host.

So, home to bed at 1:00 and up at 6 am to rub down George and drive over to the extremely hot concours field. A great day, ending with the drive-by judges stand, which was delayed and eventually post-poned by a huge thunder and lightning storm, causing many trees to fall down and Greenwich Public Schools to be delayed on Monday morning. We haven’t found out if we won anything, but we had a good day, nevertheless. There were many beautiful cars on display, and many people there to see them.

Some pictures here: http://flickr.com/photos/pbraun/sets/72157605520528161/


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