West Bend, Lime Rock

West Bend, Lime Rock

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This is my GP – #1636, whose number this blog is dedicated to. For the first time in about 15 years, I was on track, at speed, in April of 2007 at Lime Rock Park, the famed “Road Racing Center of the East” (http://www.limerock.com). This event was organized by SCDA – Sports Car Driving Association (http://www.scda1.com/), who ran a very smooth high speed driving experience.

It was great fun, although I was nervous and constantly looking in my mirrors the first few sessions, by the end of the day, I was feeling quite comfortable once again.

This year, in May of 2008, I went to a three day event at Watkins Glen, run by Trackmasters (https://www.trackmasters.com/Page.asp?Script=1). It included exposure to many different instructors, luckily for me, and a lot of track time. The classroom experience was outstanding, featuring a well know chief instructor, Tony Funicello, who is also in charge of instruction for the Ferrari Club of America as well as the Monticello Motor Club in Monticello, NY (http://www.monticellomotorclub.com/?gclid=CMPmpLbY25MCFQQcHgodr3M-ZA).
The quality of the instruction was top tier, with attention to everything a driver needs to be aware of, from the proper seating position and safety gear, the lines of course, looking ahead down the track, flagger stations and numerous other little but important things.

I am eager to drive again on the repaved Lime Rock.


3 Responses

  1. Not sure if you know but SCDA has an event at LRP, midweek in August. The 13th to be exact. The pavement should be cured by then and you’ll get a chance to wave BLUZRULZ by again if you register! Hope you can make it.

  2. Ha, ha!! Wave by? Only if I need a clean lap!

  3. I want to go in Sept or Oct when it’s a bit cooler out.

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