Let’s get going!

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This is my first post on this blog. Why I haven’t continued a blog I set up earlier is a mystery, so I am aiming to keep this one current, and hope friends and family check in here often to see what’s going on with me.

I will be writing about my life and times, but mostly about MINI Coopers and the experiences I have with them. I am a retired school teacher, having taught 35 years, most of them at Saxe Middle School in New Canaan, CT. I taught French and Spanish there for 33 years, one year in New Jersey and one year in Maryland. I have many interests, from teaching, Ham Radio, classic cars, Maine Coon cats, British cars, listening to and playing the blues and the 5 string banjo, and the new MINI Coopers in particular. I have been working at MINI of Fairfield County, in Stamford, CT for 6 years now, being the first employee. At the present time, I am the Internet Manager for that store, and handle the car leads from various Internet sources and manage the MINI of Fairfield County website, http://minifairfieldcounty.com.


9 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your blog, Peter! I will certainly look forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. I’ll check in to see how you’re doing – good luck!!

  3. Good job! have fun with this!

  4. Peter, Way to go! Have fun w/ your Blog. I’ll keep my eye on it.
    Thought about you over the Memorial Day Weekend when I saw an English Mini on the road, you know the driver was on the wrong side, the car was on the right side though.

  5. Thanks, guys! Mike – that way you know all is right in the world!

  6. Congrats on your blog, Peter. You must have too much time on your hands. How come you left out listening to the blues in your interests?? Good luck with this!

  7. Thanks, I must add that – in the old days, there was some playing of the blues, also – sax and harmonica, not to mention the five string banjo, that I built for bluegrass.

  8. Congratulations on your retirement, hope you stay busy and enjoy life.


  9. Thanks, Mel! Still having fun here at MoFC until June 09, or so. Then, on to the next adventure, which remains to be seen!

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